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TeenView is a global community of teens committed to helping companies make better brand, marketing, and product decisions. 


Through Gen-Z Eyes

We work with companies to help them better understand the teen perspective. At a major time of growth in their lives, teens are constantly learning new things and forming new opinions. Teens are fickle and often misunderstood, making it difficult for companies to fully understand the average teen. The best way to get into the minds of teens is to talk to them directly. TeenView provides a platform to do so.

We directly connect to thousands of teens all around the globe to give you the most up-to-date information about the Gen-Z perspective. To learn more about the type of work we do, take a look at our services page.

Gen-Z Has Power

We Are...

Big Spenders

Gen Z spends 44 billion dollars every year.

Big Influencers

Gen Z influences 600 billion dollars of yearly family spending.

Big Consumers

Gen Z is 40% of the entire world's consumers.

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Our World

Gen Z is more than simply a generation. We are a group of highly-connected, diverse thinkers. Understanding the way we think is complicated by social media's global influence and fast moving trends. We want to help you see the world through our eyes.

What's Happening In Our Minds

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