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About Us

The people that make the magic happen - learn more about TeenView: our story, our team, and more.

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Our Story

TeenView began in 2019, when our CEO & Founder, Tyler Mitic, started to see the stark market gap in what teens wanted and what companies were providing. Thinking there had to be a better way, Tyler went to school one day and recruited six of his friends to join him in his ambitious project. Today TeenView has grown from a small group of high school freshman to a global network of thousands of teens. TeenView strongly believes that the most valuable part of every company are the people within its' own community, which is why we spent so much time finding the most brilliant people for our core team.

Meet The Core Team

Meet The

Watch TeenView's 16-year-old CEO and Founder, Tyler Mitic, talk about his experience founding the company.

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