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Why Every Business Needs a Discord Server

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At Teenview, we frequently see companies struggle to have honest conversations with younger demographics. To combat this generational gap, we believe that many businesses could benefit from making Discord part of their customer engagement strategy.

Many young people are guarded about sharing opinions and feelings - especially with older generations. However, on a platform like Discord, where teens can speak openly and anonymously, they are much more likely to be candid.

Businesses are discovering Discord as a great way to connect with their target audience on a deeper level. Discord’s big strengths include unique features, a vast user base, and affordability:

  • With user trends and preferences so refined and specific, businesses must clearly understand how to develop and market their products and services. Discord is a destination for individuals looking to establish new connections, find new opportunities and engage with others on topics of interest. A user base that is this engaged can provide a wealth of insights for businesses who know how to tap into Discord.

  • Discord offers the same media voice and video messaging for free that other chat apps charge for. This allows businesses to save on communication costs while still enjoying high-quality audio and video calls.

  • Discord can support servers of up to 250,000 members and simultaneously accommodate 25,000 members within the server.

  • Discord is scalable as its servers can also hold up to 500 channels, so organized conversations on multiple topics can happen at once.

Taking advantage of Discord’s business benefits requires expertise and time. Companies with the most successful Discord communities place 80% of their investment in three areas:

  1. Server setup: proper organization, structure and integrations

  2. Community creation - building a network of people creating a community with benefits, “cool factor” and buzz

  3. Community engagement: the reason(s) users come back consistently and interact with others

TeenView helps clients demystify Discord, build successful strategies and launch thriving digital communities.

TeenView is a global community of teens committed to helping companies make better brand, marketing, and product decisions. Connect with us on social media to stay up to date on our current projects and join our mailing list for monthly updates on all Gen Z trends. If you would like more information or want to inquire about more detailed insights do not hesitate to reach out!


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