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Why Your Brand Needs To Have A TikTok.

What you don’t know about TikTok might be limiting your business…

Does your company have a TikTok account? People often underestimate the importance of teen-targeted companies having a TikTok account. These days marketing is all about building a connection with your customers. Investing in an active profile on TikTok does just that. The average teen spends 52 minutes on TikTok per day, and each one of those minutes is a potential moment for brands to have a serious impact on their target audience.

From a teen’s point of view, when you are scrolling through TikTok, and you come across a funny/engaging video from a brand, it instantly makes a strong impression on you. Or when you find a viral video on the app, then scroll through the comments section to see a comment from a company that makes you laugh. Those short but suggestible moments can have huge impacts on what teens think about your brand and who they go to the next time they are looking for a service you offer.

Your company could easily be the next trend or word on the street. As teens ourselves, we have felt the impact of advertising on TikTok in a positive light. If you want to learn more about our approach on everything TikTok from a team that understands the community and the functionality, feel free to reach out.

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