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The TeenView Community is made up of thousands of smart, mature teens from around the world who have completed an in-depth vetting process and are plugged into an engaged virtual environment to ensure they can contribute insightful, high-quality perspectives. TeenView’s team of Gen Z experts actively recruit, monitor and moderate within the community to keep up with the evolving and face-paced needs of our clients. 

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Discord Development & Consulting

Discord is a destination for teens looking to establish new connections and find opportunities to converse with others on topics of shared interest. Teenview can help businesses tap into Discord to create an engaged community who can provide a wealth of insights and become influential brand advocates.


TeenView Panel

TeenView will curate and assemble a group of teens just for you who are enthusiastic about articulating their thoughts and perspectives. This panel will provide you with an exclusive sounding board in an engaging setting with a peer moderator who can facilitate a genuine conversation with a teen audience. 


TeenView Reactions

TeenView Reactions uncover what teens think about an idea, a social media post, an advertisement, a slogan or a design. Insightful, video-based responses deliver enlightening qualitative results which can influence, validate or even challenge your product or marketing strategy.


TeenView Chat

TeenView Chat is a “client-to-teen” direct connection that allows you to have unfiltered conversations with teens via messaging platforms like Slack and Discord. Ask questions and get instant feedback on ideas, campaigns and content through rich back-and-forth communication over days, weeks or months.


TeenView Survey

TeenView Survey taps into the community, filtering by age, geography and more to provide fast quantitative answers through short surveys. Need answers immediately? TeenView Survey can deliver them fast!

Case Studies

Want to learn more about what TeenView does? Here are a few projects we have conducted.

Client: Messaging Platform

Scale: 150MM+ users  |  Platform: Web and Mobile  |  Geography: Global

TeenView collaborated with one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world to help with the rollout of a new product in an international market. TeenView recruited ambassadors in the local geography, provided training and paid incentives, and ensured engagement that led to the successful achievement of the client’s objectives during the rollout. TeenView led surveys at both the beginning and the end of the project to measure the changes in behavior and attitudes among the product’s users.


Client: Beverage Company

Scale: Startup, Pre-launch  |  Platform: Consumer Packaged Goods  |  Geography: United States

TeenView assisted this client with feedback on the design of a new beverage brand. The beverage targeted young adults, but the company believed that teen perspectives were important to take into consideration as a “leading indicator” of cool. TeenView used Reactions to get fast feedback on two different design concepts and provided the client with both qualitative and quantitative feedback that led to selection of one of the designs.


Client: Family Safety Mobile App

Scale: 25MM+ users  |  Platform: Mobile  |  Geography: Global

Over multiple engagements, TeenView helped with messaging, communication and new-user acquisition. TeenView advised on how to use language to build trust with teen users, both in the product interface as well as in social media and other marketing channels. Additionally, TeenView assisted the client in user acquisition for a new product, driving enrollments from among the TeenView community, while simultaneously testing different messaging and incentives to maximize the success of the company's marketing efforts.


Client: Content Creation App

Scale: 1MM+ users  |  Platform: Mobile & Desktop  |  Geography: United States

TeenView assisted this client with the rollout of a content creation app and associated marketing campaigns used by teens and families. TeenView conducted detailed product analysis and user testing to gather feedback about the product. As a result, TeenView was able to provid the client with specific and actionable recommendations to make the product more appealing and engaging to a teen audience.

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